Muskie Fishing on Lake St. Clair:
Belle River Marina

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Walleye Fishing on Lake Erie:
Colchester Harbour & Wheatley Harbour

Steelhead Fishing / Rainbow Trout Fishing on Lake Erie:
Wheatley Harbour

Map showing locations of Belle River Marina, Colchester Harbour & Wheatley Harbour

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Welcome to Can Am Charters

We are a professional sports-fishing charter-boat & guide service operating full-time since 1999 on Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie from the Ontario side. We specifically target Muskie on Lake St. Clair and Rainbow Trout / Steelhead Trout and Walleye on Lake Erie.

Lake St. Clair Muskie Fishing:
Lake St. Clair is the best Muskie fishing lake in Ontario and maybe all of North America. We take our guests to the hottest Muskie spots imaginable where giant Muskie over 50-inches are caught on a regular basis. Most Muskie caught are in the 36 to 45-inch range. It's not uncommon to run into hunting packs and get double or even triple-headers. All these hot spots are programmed into our GPS so we get our guests right on top of the Muskie without wasting any time. The Muskie charter is based out of Belle River Marina in Ontario. Click here if you would like read about a typical day of Muskie fishing or view our Muskie Video.

New Muskie Fishing Video

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing & Rainbow Trout Fishing:
Lake Erie Walleye fishing and Rainbow Trout fishing is amazing. Both species follow the same schools of bait-fish and can be found at the same depth. As a result we are catching high numbers of both. The Steelhead seem to hit better on bright sunny days while the Walleye feed better on overcast days. On occasion guests reel in Salmon, Lake Trout or Smallmouth Bass. Walleye average around 4 pounds with the occasional trophy over 10 pounds. Rainbow Trout average around 8 pounds with a few that are closer to 15 pounds. We run our Walleye and trout charter out of Colchester Harbour & Wheatley Harbour in Ontario.

Our Philosophy: Here at Can-Am Charters, we believe in making things happen, not waiting for them to happen. We are a performance driven, professional oriented Fishing Charter Company, committed to delivering a quality and memorable experience. Our goal is to make the most out of what the day has to offer, while providing you with a safe, successful, and enjoyable day on the water.

Our boat is a 24-foot Trophy Bayliner. It's fast and comfortable and has a washroom on board. We have equipped the boat with state-of-the-art electronics and the best fishing equipment.

• Garmin chart plotter / GPS
• Garmin fish finder
• Scotty electric downriggers
• Planer boards
• CD/mp3 player
• All safety equipment
• Rods, reels and loads of fishing tackle
• We are a Canadian Coastguard approved vessel
• We are members of the Ontario Sportfishing Guides Association

Please Note: We never mix parties such as putting you and your friend with two other people you don't know. If you are visiting Toronto or the GTA, Can-Am Charters is the closest place to Toronto with great Muskie fishing, Walleye fishing and Steelhead Trout fishing.

Please take a look around our web site and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best Regards
Captain Rick Verbeem
Captain Marty Verkoeyen
Phone: (519) 562-6340

We accept cash or VISA - No cheques - Reserve On-Line with Paypal