Ambassador Bridge Michigan to Colchester Harbour Ontario

A) Ambassador Bridge, Detroit, MI US

1. Start out going SOUTH on PROVINCIAL ROUTE 3/AMBASSADOR BRIDGE toward PROVINCIAL ROUTE 3 N. Continue to follow PROVINCIAL ROUTE 3 S (Portions toll). (go 8.7 miles)

2. Turn RIGHT onto WALKER RD/CR-11. Continue to follow CR-11. (go 15.1 miles)

3. Turn RIGHT onto KING ST W/PROVINCIAL ROUTE 18/CR-20. (go 0.2 miles)

4. Turn LEFT onto ERIE ST S/CR-13. Continue to follow CR-13. (go 3.4 miles)

5. Turn RIGHT onto CR-50. (go 0.4 miles)

6. Turn LEFT onto JACKSON ST. (go 0.2 miles)

7. Welcome to COLCHESTER, ON. (go 0.0 miles)

Colchester, ON CA

TOTAL ESTIMATED TIME: 48 minutes | DISTANCE: 28.11 miles

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